‘It’s disappointing’: Thomas Brown’s mom reacts to suspension of AG’s investigation

Updated: Aug. 22, 2019 at 1:53 PM CDT
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CANADIAN, Texas (KFDA) - After the Attorney General’s Office announced it suspended the investigation into the disappearance of Thomas Brown, the Canadian teenager’s mother, Penny Meek, said she’s still holding out hope.

“You know, I think you always hope... I think you have to hope,” said Meek.

Brown went missing in November of 2016. His remains were discovered in January near Lake Marvin Road.

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Meek said they still don’t know anything more today than they did when he went missing three years ago.

“Really all we know is that today they will not release the remains back to us,” she said. “Which, I understand to some degree, but you know this case could hang out for years. And in that time, you never really get to give him a proper burial, and you know I think that’s hard to know that. You know, a part of him is somewhere, but you can’t ever... you can’t ever do anything with it.”

In February of 2018, The Texas Attorney General agreed to review the Thomas Brown case.

In a joint statement with multiple agencies, the agency announced there was no viable evidence that would lead them to believe foul play was involved.

“Well it’s not what... not exactly what I expected to hear,” said Meek. “It’s disappointing. I do appreciate all the time that their office has spent on the case, and other investigators and of course, you know, Philip Klein and his team. But that’s not exactly where I thought we were headed at all.”

Looking at everything they’ve learned over the years, she still isn’t convinced foul play was not involved.

“My thoughts are that you have a car at least 10 miles as the crow flies from where the remains are found, 21 miles if you’re going to walk along the road, and you have a phone that was found in excellent condition 11 months after Thomas went missing, along with a backpack that was found several more miles down the road,” she said. “So, to me, that does not add up to no foul play. But, you know, I don’t know how you change that determination."

The private investigation firm hired by Thomas’ family, Klein Investigations, said the AG’s Office was unable to determine that Thomas died from suicide or homicide.

“If you don’t have evidence I guess you don’t have evidence,” said Meek. “But, you know, I don’t know. I’m not a forensic scientist, so I don’t really know what you can gather from remains. If I thought Thomas committed suicide, I would say it. But, to me, that’s just not that’s not the direction that it points. And there’s far, in my opinion, there’s far less evidence that points to suicide, then points to foul play.”

Klein Investigations pledged to continue their investigation into Brown’s disappearance, shedding some hope on getting closure for the family.

“I think that is our one or one glimmer of hope that somebody that’s still going to look into it and see if they can bring some kind of resolution to it, whatever it is,” said Meek. “You know we just want to know. We just want answers that’s all we really want.”

As far as her message to the community:

“I would just say to continue to pray,” she said. “I don’t know how our community can heal, when we don’t have answers. I just think that there’s still a cloud that hangs over us because we don’t have any answers, we have no closure. All we have is a young man who went missing and that’s all you can say. And for me, other than finding his remains, I don’t feel like I know any more today than I did almost three years ago.”

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You can watch the full interview with Penny Meek below:

After the Attorney General’s Office announced it suspended the investigation into the disappearance of Thomas Brown, the Canadian teenager’s mother, Penny Meek,

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