Countdown To Kickoff: River Road expects big things with Wing-T offense

Countdown to Kickoff: River Road Wildcats

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Antonio Brown, Dak Prescott and Le’Veon Bell. What do all of these NFL stars have in common?

They aren’t lineman, and the hard truth of football is that lineman are hardly ever the stars and faces of a team. But at River Road high school, the Wildcat linemen are quickly becoming vital parts of the team’s identity.

“Wing-T is more a run based offense, more of a lot of options,” River Road junior quarterback Lance Welps said. “If you remember our old kickoff from last year, a lot of trick hand offs, is kind of what the offense is. It’s all about big linemen, pull guards and everything else, but just a little trickster type of offense.”

River Road is led by Head Coach Bryan Welps, and he is the father of Lance Welps. For them, success is something they’re craving as a father-son duo since in the previous two years, they’ve only gone 2-18.

“I think it would be a great deal," Bryan said. "I think these kids have been working for three years, you know, I think they’re ready to get some excitement, get some going around here, and I think it would really thrive in the community if we can just get over that hump and get into that winner’s circle.”

And in the third year of Welps’ Wing-T offense at River Road, you could say there’s pressure for much needed success. But the linemen aren’t letting that weigh down on their shoulders.

“I believe there is some pressure, but not a lot, because I have some great guys on the line and squat over a ton as a unit,” Senior David Brittain said. “The way that we key things, the defense doesn’t really expect it. It’s unexpected for the defense. We know what we’re doing simply, and the defense has no clue most of the time.”

The guy who is hoping to take advantage of all the confusion is first string tailback Brandon Belcher.

“We’re definitely a much faster team, and the Wing-T is a power run offense,” Belcher said. “And all of our running backs, including myself are really close with the line, and we have that connection, so we can block, and fill the hole and what not so we just work together well with the Wing-T.”

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