Amarillo chiropractor warns of increase of kids with back issues due to backpacks

Amarillo chiropractor warns of increase in kids with back issues due to backpacks

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Each year, an Amarillo chiropractor has seen a growing number of children with back and spine issues due to wearing their backpacks incorrectly.

Students carry around many items in their backpacks and according to the American Chiropractic Association, that excess weight can hurt kids’ over time.

“We have parents come in all the time that are like, ‘I think my kid’s backpack is just too heavy’ and I say, well, if you already think that, then you’re right because it definitely is,” said Total Health And Wellness Center Doctor of Chiropractic Dr. Gunney. “This is getting worse and worse and worse instead of getting better. Even with me teaching it as much as I try, it’s still becoming a worse and worse issue.”

Gunney said children in school are still developing and their spines are growing and lengthening, which means they aren’t able to handle too much weight.

Having an overweight backpack can affect kids’ legs and can cause spine issues such as pelvic unleveling and scoliosis.

“When we carry way too much weight in our shoulders, it actually causes our posture to hunch over,” Dr. Gunney said. “So, if your kid is starting to walk around like that, then we’ve already got spinal problems.”

In the picture below, Dr. Gunney has recommended some tips for parents and their children to use when selecting, packing, lifting and wearing a backpack.

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