Countdown To Kickoff: McLean Tigers stress “we” over “me”

Updated: Aug. 16, 2019 at 8:52 PM CDT
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MCLEAN, Texas (KFDA) - Inside the huddle is where all the action is. It’s also where the McLean Tigers offense will figure out which plays will win them the game and eventually get them back to the state championship game.

They won last year’s 1A title game 100-70, but now they have a target on their backs for the future.

“There’s a big target,” McLean wide receiver and corner back Dalton Abshire said. " We were very successful last year, and we’re just very excited and ready to keep going and being ready for this year."

The Tigers went undefeated last year, winning all 16 games they played in. They played well on offense, and even better on defense, scoring 1,019 points on the year while holding their opponents to only 215.

And yet, McLean Head Coach Clint Linman thinks there’s still room for improvement.

“Yeah, I mean, the six-man game’s a fun game because it’s so fast paced,” he said. “Even a tight ran game, and that’s what we focus on the most. It just hits so fast and so hard, and the big key in six-man is one defender makes a mistake, and it’s usually 6 points for the other team. That’s a big difference in the game, so we try to take advantage of that offensively and we try not to make that mistake on defense.”

Adding to possible mistakes made on the field, there’s also that sense of pressure from being state champions. But he isn’t worried about that.

“Oh, I’m sure. Anytime you’re a good team and you’ve had success, people bring their A-game and coaches plan well against you,” Linman said. “But we don’t worry about that. We worry about ourselves.”

This Tigers team has an overlying theme though that will forever dictate how successful they’ll be on the gridiron.

“Our theme will be every year and it is I will sacrifice me for we,” Linman said. “We’ll always put the good of the team ahead of the good of the individuals and we’ll win as a team and we’ll lose a team. And we’ll do both with character and class.”

McLean kicks off its season in such style on Aug. 31 at home against Blum.

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