2019 accountability ratings for Texas schools

KFDA 2019 accountability ratings

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - This is the second year Texas has awarded letter grades for school districts, and the first year they broke it down by individual schools.

This rating system replaces the pass fail system used in the past.

“It’s not about me, it’s not about anyone else it’s about those students, and are we preparing them for graduation and to have every opportunity they possibly can after they walk across that stage,” said Camerson Rosser, Canyon ISD Assistant Superintendent of curriculum and instruction.

Childress ISD ranked high in our region, as all schools in their district had A’s and B’s for all subjects. Schools are given grades on accountability rating, student achievement, school progress and closing the gap which deals with students of all races performing highly.

“We know where our strengths are, so we need to focus on any of our weaknesses that for example where we don’t master the test well enough in some areas or something to that effect and we need to focus on those types of things in order to improve on our scores,” said Rick Teran, Childress Superintendent.

Canyon ISD only had one "F" in one category at one school in the whole district.

“No, we weren’t surprised, and we already got plans in place and um for all of our campuses and how to improve and that’s our goal is, is to graduate students, and at their maximum potentials so they can have every opportunity in the world to be successful,” said Rosser.

Schools can use this information to make changes they need to help students succeed.

“Have to go in and say, how can we support our teachers, how can we support our principles through these resources and insuring that our standards are taught at a high level,” said Rosser.

This grading system will help schools determine where their strong and weak points are, to help them improve throughout the year.

For how your child’s school ranked check out the link below.

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