Influx of kindergarten students prompts Canyon ISD to hire two teachers a day before school starts

Two teachers hired day before school starts due to a surprisingly high influx of kindergartners

CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - Two teachers were hired the day before school started due to a surprisingly high influx of kindergartners at a local school district.

Canyon ISD received a pleasant surprise during their school enrollment, prompting them to hire two kindergarten teachers a day before school started, making that a total of three new kindergarten teachers in two weeks.

“It’s very exciting that our enrollment of kindergartners has shot up and we have hired two new teachers across the districts because of this. So, our teachers are excited, our parents are excited to be in Canyon ISD," says Canyon ISD Assistant Superintendent Cameron Rosser. "With all of the growth we have had, we have renovated four schools this summer that I think just causes this excitement where people just want to be in Canyon ISD.”

They have not done the exact numbers, but they say they had more than 40 kindergarten students enroll that they were not expecting. They mentioned that every couple of year’s there is bubble and this year it was with kindergarten students.

“You know when we have enrollment and all of the families and kids are coming in to enroll in school, and we look at our accounts of how many students are in each school and grade level, the kindergarten class was a little bit of a surprise this year,” explains Canyon ISD Superintendent Darryl Flusche.

On Tuesday, after enrollment, they immediately hired two more kindergarten teachers adding to the one they hired two weeks ago, when they started to notice more students enrolling than they anticipated.

“This year we’ve seen a bubble in kindergarten and year after year we look forward to work with those students and hopefully they will be with us all the way through their senior year and they will graduate with Canyon ISD,” says Rosser.

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