Witnesses take the stand in trial of man accused of shooting Lubbock officer

Witnesses take the stand in trial of man accused of shooting Lubbock officer
Jeremy Moor walks out of a courtroom following a jury selection on Aug. 12.

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The trial has started for 38-year-old Jeremy Moor, who is being tried on one count of aggravated assault on a peace officer for the 2013 shooting of Lubbock police officer Timothy Varner.

Moor is accused of shooting Varner in the leg and shoulder outside of Lubbock’s Salvation Army at 17th Street and Avenue K in October of 2013.

On Tuesday, the court heard testimony from the State’s witnesses, which included two employees from the Salvation Army that were there the night of the shooting. The employees said Moor was denied entry to the shelter because he refused to take a breathalyzer test.

They also said he was part of a transitional living program, which is why they were subject to the breathalyzer tests before entering the shelter.

An employee who testified said at one point they thought they saw a gun concealed on him. They said another shelter client showed up, and people began to scatter as they went inside and called 911. Another employee stated Moor got into the truck with the other shelter client.

Moor was still in the truck when officer Varner showed up to the scene. Witnesses said Moor became irritated and said he was, “going to have it out with (the police).” Moor was directed to get out of the truck and after that witnesses said they heard gunshots.

The shelter client who was in the truck with Moor gave testimony, saying he saw Moor outside the shelter and tried to talk to him about what was happening. Moor asked the man to help him get into the shelter, and he told Moor he couldn’t. He said Moor then pulled out a gun and put it to his side.

The man said he heard an officer call for Moor to get out of the truck. When Moor pulled up the gun and opened the door of the truck, the man says he got out and got on the ground. He said he heard the shooting start and then heard Varner cry out. The man says Moor fell to the ground and several officers arrived.

Both Moor and Varner were shot during this interaction.

Prosecution was shown the dashcam video from that night. Several police officers and the responding paramedic also gave testimony.

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