APD nets $249.9K worth of meth in southwest Amarillo

VIDEO: APD nets $249.9K worth of meth in southwest Amarillo

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Police arrested a man after finding meth worth $249,000 at his home in southwest Amarillo.

According to a criminal complaint, Joseph Hinosoja is facing a charge of possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of meth.

On Aug. 8, a person told officers with APD that a man known as “Joe” was going to be selling meth in Amarillo. “Joe” was identified as Hinojosa from photographs.

The person also told police that he would be meeting Hinojosa to receive a half pound of meth.

About 9:55 p.m., police observed Hinojosa arriving at the parking lot of United Supermarket at 4701 S. Washington St. to meet with the person who spoke with police.

Amarillo police arrested Hinojosa and found one-half pound of crystalline substance that tested positive for meth.

Hinojosa’s girlfriend, who was with him at the time, was later released.

Afterwards, police executed a search warrant for his home, in the area of the 4200 block of South Hayden Street, and found about five pounds of meth along with firearms, body armor, and money.

Hinojosa later admitted to selling meth and in being in possession of meth.

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