Countdown to Kickoff: Tascosa Rebels

Countdown to Kickoff: Tascosa Rebels

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -The Tascosa Rebels got a taste of Jerry’s World last season and now their only goal is to get back and finish the job!

“Everybody kept calling us underdogs last season and I never felt like we were underdogs. I always thought we were as talented as anyone we played and we showed it and we played well.”said head coach Ken Plunk. “As long as we execute well, play hard and do things right, we have a chance to beat anybody in the state.”

Amarillo’s only 6A team’s journey last season inspired the entire 806, even those who usually root against the Rebels were all in with the red and black.

“It was great. It was wonderful. We were excited because of the game but also to give the Amarillo area a chance to participate in something like that and be a part of it.”said Coach Plunk. “We had fans that weren’t normally Rebel fans to support and we were happy about that. We were certainly happy to give Tascosa a chance to be on that kind of stage.”

Senior quarterback Joseph Plunk is focused on the new year and building off of last year’s success in his final go at leading this dangerous triple option offense.

“Its a great feeling but at the same time it’s bittersweet. Its a new year obviously and we’re just going to go ahead and attack the year like we did last year and hopefully good things come. We’re going to build off of that."said Plunk. "Last year’s group is gone and we talked about that today. It’s not the same group so we don’t deserve anything and we haven’t heard anything yet. That’s what we’re doing right now, we’re earning everything.”

On the defensive side of the ball Texas Tech commit LB Moore will lead the charge for the Rebels hit squad.

“Last year we played as a team and the year before we could have went but we didn’t play as a team. As you know, team work makes the dream work. We want to bring a ring back to Amarillo, Texas for the Rebels and everybody around.” said Moore.

As for opposing offensive lineman, LB had one more thing to say.

“Just be ready to play because I’m coming!”said Moore.

The Rebels will open up their season at home against the Abilene Eagles as they begin their journey back to the state tournament.

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