Amarillo Parks and Rec asking for feedback on activities available for adults 50 and older

VIDEO: Amarillo Parks and Rec asking for feedback on activities available for adults 50 and older

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Now that the HUB website is available for active adults 50 and over, Amarillo Parks and Recreation is asking for feedback.

The HUB website is a resource for all active adults 50 and over to see what activities are available for them in the area.

They will also be printing a paper copy and leaving it in locations where the older adults might be, so it will be easily accessible to all.

“There is a lot of medical evidence that those folks who stay connected to community who avoid isolation, they are going to be far healthier. They are going to be emotionally healthy and physically healthy,” said Joslyn Harney, the program coordinator of active adults 50 and up with City of Amarillo with Parks and Recreation.

Now that the website is available, they are wanting your feedback on what activities are not yet offered and you would like to have available. This is to keep the activities fresh and get more involvement.

There is a need to let the active adults know what their choices are in order to to keep them active and involved as about 66,000 people in the Amarillo area are 50 and up.

“It took me 12 years to find this place, and I know there are a lot of senior citizens who don’t have nothing to do while one of the parents are working,” said Steve Armstrong, a member of the Senior Citizen Center.

Although the senior citizen association likes the idea of the HUB website, they do not feel it is a solution to their problem.

“The problem is if we get split all over town, there is no seniors association. How do you keep them together? That’s also something that is important for socialization, and of course the food issue is critical," said Senior Citizen Center Board Member Judy Jackman. “We need to make sure our seniors have a place to go for a balanced meal, at least once a day.”

Right now, the city cannot take over and operate the Senior Citizens Center as they are a nonprofit. If they choose not to be a nonprofit any longer, they fear they will lose their funding.

Discussions are taking place, and the next meeting will be held on August 21 to figure out the best plan for all senior citizens.

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