Countdown to Kickoff: Boys Ranch Roughriders

Countdown to Kickoff: Boys Ranch Roughriders

BOYS RANCH, Texas (KFDA) -The Boys Ranch Roughriders have had a rough go at things in their last few seasons but this year’s squad is ready to turn things around.

“Some of these guys haven’t won a game in two years. They’ve been on the team for two years and haven’t won a game and they’re actually excited.”, said head coach George Doak. “That’s hard to get excited about when you think, here we go again. There’s a whole new vibe about it and we’re excited for the Roughriders this year.”

With an inexperienced group this team is doing what they can to get better every day.

“These kids are really open to learning and they’re handling their frustrations. At other schools they kind of know who’s going to be back but from year to year we don’t know who’s going to come back. We don’t know what new kids are going to be here that have ever played the game before.", said Coach Doak. "So you’ve just got to take them where they’re at and just keep moving forward. It helps them understand that sometimes the victories are I’m better today than I was yesterday or we’re better this week than we were last week.”

Junior quarterback Caleb Thompson has big plans to lead his team to the post season but he knows it starts with culture.

“Going into this season we want to make cultural changes. We want everybody to be fired up about football and not people here thinking we are going to lose. We want people to be here because they want to win.”, said Thompson. “This year we really want to try and make it to the playoffs. It’s been a long time since boys ranch made it to the playoffs and I think that is big goal of ours to make it to the playoffs in years.”

In order to turn this program, doing all of the little things right will be crucial.

“Make sure you’re running your sprints and being the best lineman, best receiver, and best quarterback you can be.” said junior offensive lineman Bryce Wiginton. “It’s important to teach the younger guys and keep that culture that we’re not here to lose, we’re here to win and we’re going to fight for what we want.”

The Roughriders open up their season at home on August 30th against the Bovina Mustangs.

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