Seniors Citizens Association discuss relocation plans with Amarillo College

Amarillo Senior Citizens Association discuss future plans with Amarillo College

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo Senior Citizens Association held a meeting with Amarillo College to discuss their relocation plans.

Senior citizens are trying to figure out where they will be moving and if there is anyone in the community that is willing to help them out.

“We are about to lose our building. If there is anybody in the city of Amarillo that would like to donate a empty building and has a kitchen that would be suitable for us, we would be grateful,” says senior citizen Betty Curl.

Since 1973, Amarillo College has leased the 29,000 square foot space for $1 a year to the Amarillo Senior Citizens Association.

“The college has determined that the space is needed for College operations. We have been in discussions with Amarillo Senior Citizens Association for quite awhile now to hope to find a new solution for them,” says Amarillo College Executive Vice President Mark White.

In order for the College to build an innovation hub, the college announced it’s plan to relocate the seniors to a smaller space at the Downtown Campus in May.

“We had a meeting so all the seniors knew what their options were, explains Amarillo Senior Citizens Association Board Member Judy Jackman.“ The other option was that we could request, that Amarillo College, out of the goodness of their heart, allows us to stay through December of 2020. This gives us a year and 4 months to try and figure out another answer. Unanimously, all but two people, voted that that is what they want to do.”

“I hate the idea of having to move somewhere else. I just got my drivers license renewed, so I could still drive down here an enjoy,” says senior citizen Edna Faulker.

“We’ve been members down here for over 30 years and we would like to have it kept open because it does have sentimental value to us,” explains senior citizen Todd Lock.

While some senior citizens are hoping they will be able to stay, others are asking the community to step forward and help them come up with some ideas.

“The larger discussion has been lately, about helping them come up with a long-term solution that fits their needs,” says White.

If you would like to help or know anyone that can, please contact Amarillo Senior Citizens Association.

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