CTK: Caprock’s core values translate to success

CTK: Caprock’s core values translate to success
News Channel 10 Sports Anchor Evan Abramson brings you the latest Countdown To Kickoff preview from Caprock High School.

Caprock, Texas (KFDA) - The Caprock Longhorns finished the 2018 season 8-4 and won a district title in the process. But going further than last year isn’t the team’s top priority.

CTK: Caprock translates core values to success

They believe in doing things right, preaching perfection, and accomplishing as many tasks as possible.

“That’s part of our culture,” Caprock head coach Dan Sherwood said. “You get kids to do things that way, then they’re gonna develop as human beings once they leave here and become adults. And that’s what high school’s all about. Football helps that and keeps them in a team setting and they’re gonna go out and do something to help our community and that’s all we care about.”

Thus, it’s only an added bonus for Sherwood that those core values then translate into success on the football field. But the success of the past is in the past, and all eyes are only on the future.

“We really don’t worry about last year,” Sherwood said. “We’re gonna learn from last year. We’re gonna see what we did good, what we did bad, but we’ve got new kids, new faces, and that’s the way high school is. We’re gonna have to step up, and us as coaches, have to adapt to what we have.”

“Our coaches have done a good job this summer, being prepared, being proactive, and our kids have done a good job of adapting to it, and accepting those roles we’re asking them to do," Sherwood said.

While the coaches focus on setting the plan, the players are putting it in motion, getting to work sometimes as early as six in the morning. This doesn’t even include the fact that most of these teams are taking part in routine two-a-day practices.

Yet the players are all in on what they need to do in order to succeed.

“Well honestly, our game plan is just listening to our coaches,” senior wide receiver Tarik Williams said. “We have a great coaching staff, whatever they tell us, we listen. It’s just like this team is very disciplined, we come out to the fields everyday and grind at practice.”

And that’s what Caprock will do up until the first snap of the year, and all the way through the last second of the year. Caprock’s first game is Aug. 30 against Hereford at home.

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