Sam Levitt: Giving Fans A Year To Remember

Sod Poodles Have Historic Inaugural Season

Sam Levitt: Giving Fans A Year To Remember

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - “From the corner of South Buchanon and 8th Ave., at beautiful Hogdetown, Amarillo Sodpoodles baseball is on the air.”

If you’ve heard those words before, then you’d know that they belonged to the voice of the Amarillo Sod Poodles, Sam Levitt. And if you knew that, well then you’ve witnessed some great moments over the course of the year.

For this young aspiring broadcaster, this gig he has isn’t about becoming famous or trying to make Amarillo baseball the Sam Levitt show.

“For me personally, getting to know these fans, getting to know this community, becoming a small part of this community’s summer family, it’s amazing,” said Levitt.

Every time this big family gets together, it’s just electrifying. People go nuts for Sod Poodles baseball.

“The fact that I’ve been able to play a small role in that and be a part of what goes on in our broadcast and here at Hodgetown is amazing,” said Levitt. “To relate to the fans, to hear from them, and watch them fall in love with this brand new team and this brand new organization, and my goal every night Evan, is to have fun. To bring energy and bring passion and that’s what I wanted to do when I first came down here and I think we’ve done it.”

However, one goal completed isn’t enough for this storyteller, just like one win isn’t enough for this community. They want more crazy moments, and both the Sod Poodles and Levitt know that.

“Hearing the crowd go nuts, being a part of it, knowing people are watching, are listening, it gives you goose bumps,” said Levitt. “It’s extremely special and I think the really special thing for me in this inaugural season is I feel like I’m part of something big and I’m part of something people will remember for a long, long time."

With that responsibility constantly weighing down on his shoulders, Levitt remembers one key thing every day he enters a ballpark.

“Our fans are so engaged in every single game, every single pitch,” said Levitt. “So many big moments, I mean what other job can you get where you get goosebumps. I mean that’s really rare and that’s a special thing and I never take that for granted. The fact that I get to come here for work every day and what I do is watch baseball and I’m a part in some little way of those big moments and those big plays, it hopefully lives on for a really long time.”

So next time you’re home instead of at a game, make sure you tune in to watch the Sod Poodles make history, because the action starts when Sam Levitt says “Welcome inside the booth at Hodgetown, Sam Levitt with you on this beautiful Sunday evening.”

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