Florida dog escapes from car on interstate, jumps off overpass

Don’t worry, he’s OK

RUSKIN, Fla. (BAY NEWS 9/CNN) – A dog named Scooby-Doo took a spill off a bridge this week that will likely make you shout “zoinks.”

A helicopter news camera caught the dog running on Interstate 75 near Tampa after his owner pulled over for an accident.

In the video, Scooby bolts down the highway and jumps off an overpass.

Miraculously, there were no broken bones. Only some scrapes on his head and snout.

"I was amazed that there were no more injuries than that, for certain, because that was quite a drop,” said Roger Mills with Hillsborough County Animal Control. “Depending on where he landed it could be up to 17, 18 feet, so very fortunate. Scooby-Doo is very fortunate.”

The 2-year-old boxer was later found wandering a short distance away by a Hillsborough County Public Works crew.

"He's doing great,” Mills said. “He's been fed. He's been watered. We've given him some treats."

Or were they Scooby Snacks?

The owner and dog have since been reunited.

Pet experts recommend you keep your dog restrained when you’re traveling to keep them safe from harm and so they can’t escape.

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