Gray County reviewing proposals for new county wide EMS

KFDA Gray County decides between two EMS agencies

GRAY COUNTY, Texas (KFDA) - Gray County officials are deciding between two different ambulance services to have county wide emergency services.

Gray County commissioners are looking at two different proposals to see which ambulance service would be best for the 22,000 residents in the county.

One proposal came from Hemphill County who is proposing to place two ambulances in Pampa, two in Hemphill County and one in McLean, with hopes of a third in Pampa just for transportation.

Pampa EMS proposed placing two ambulances in Pampa and one in McLean.

“There is the ability there for both counties to be covered county wide with five ambulances um versus three ambulances covering our county of Gray,” said Gray County Judge Chris Porter.

Since none of the county commissioners have a medical background, they are having an outside EMS director bring an unbiased overview of the proposals. The outside EMS director will have no vote, just insight.

“What’s the best thing for the citizens and their well being, and secondary, what is the best thing for the tax payers?” said Porter.

The City of Pampa and Gray County have both contributed a combined stipend of $140,000 to keep Pampa EMS up and running.

In their proposal, Pampa EMS will still be asking for a stipend, but will be lowering it to $120,000 a year.

Hemphill County asked for a $200,000 capital investment with no stipend after the first year.

“In this day and age, there are other places that cent and a half or that two and a half cents for the city can go. I was eager to help when we needed to help, but I think we are at a point now where we need to make some decisions on whether we want to continue this in the future or whether we want to look at another option there,” said Porter.

Neither proposal will be eliminating jobs.

“I think Hemphill has already declared that if they were to come in, they would be more than willing to hire the employees that are already there. If Pampa EMS stays, they’ve already got the employees in place," said Porter.

A decision has not yet been made, but county officials are deliberating which would be better suited for the community.

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