UIL to require marching band students to receive physicals

KFDA Live at Five 7/15 - Marching Band Students now need physical

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The University Interscholastic League is now requiring physicals for marching band students.

This is a statewide rule, and it is the first year it is being implemented.

“Not only are they in that heat and marching, but they are carrying an instrument, and some of those are pretty heavy, you know, if you’re lugging a tuba around, you know, 100 yards on the field, you know, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re healthy enough to do that,” said Nurse Practitioner Amy Upton.

This rule does not apply to every grade.

Those who are not required to get a physical will still have to submit an updated medical form.

Students who do not have their physical completed by August 1, will not be allowed to participate in any indoor or outdoor marching band activities.

“The first and third year of high school, students will actually have a physical exam. The second and fourth year of high school, students will have to submit an up to date physical information form,” said Chris Reidlinger, the director of music education for Amarillo ISD.

Marching band replaces the physical education unit in most school systems. Even though it is not considered a sport, it does require lots of physical activity.

“Yeah band kids just as much as athletic kids," said Dustin Olson, the head band director for River Road ISD. “They are out there working hard and training every single day.”

Doctors are looking for warning signs of underlying health issues or injuries during physicals to make sure kids are physically healthy enough to participate.

“You know doing a physical, listening to their heart, checking their lungs all of that," said Upton. “Making sure that their joints are okay and just making sure they are just over all well.”

Most marching bands required a medical form to be filled out every year anyway, so this will just further the idea and be proactive to make sure all students participating in extracurricular school activities are healthy and safe.

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