GOOD NEWS: Teen farmer harvests first wheat crop

GOOD NEWS: Teen farmer harvests first wheat crop

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - This is an important time of the year for many in the agriculture community with harvest season in full swing.

For one farmer, especially spirits are running high.

You might recall Wyatt Mary, the 15-year-old farmer who was the subject of one of my good news stories a few months ago, when he planted 75 acres a week.

I asked Wyatt, “Let me get this straight. You know, technically, you’re not 16 don’t even have a driver’s license, but you can run a farm?”

“Yeah, absolutely,” he said. “I am entered in the Oklahoma, the Oklahoma 4-H and FFA wheat and growing program. And that’s a contest where I grow a certain variety of wheat, and I go in, I’ll harvest it, and it’ll be judged on million baking practices and protein levels.”

That was a few months ago, and now Wyatt’s hard work and dedication recently paid off as he harvested his first crop of wheat.

The fruits of his labor are part of an overall good harvest year for wheat in our area, with nearly 60 percent of area wheat graded either in the good or excellent category.

“It was an interesting year compared to the years where farmers are put under stress because of drought,” said Darby Campsey, the director of communications at Texas Wheat Producers. “Because we got so much rain, the entire state was in a drought situation this time last year. And now basically none of the state is. So far we haven’t seen any issues with the crop being too late. So again, I think farmers are pretty optimistic this year. It’s been a good rebound from last year.”

My buddy Wyatt farmed in came in with 66 bushels per acre and about 13 percent on protein. I asked Campsey how should he feel about that.

“He should be very proud of that,” Campsey said. “The 13 percent protein is excellent for this area.”

Wyatt talked to me about why he wants to be a farmer.

“Being a farmer is what I needed to do because there’s not very many farmers now,” he said. “And I need to take over the family farm, so that way there is going to be an extra generation to come.”

With a productive crop this year and the future of wheat farming that includes young farmers like Wyatt, I think we have many more good harvests to look forward to.

And that’s good news.

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