Surveillance video captures KFC explosion in N.C.

Surveillance footage shows KFC explode

EDEN, N.C. (WGHP/CNN) - Newly-released surveillance video shows a massive explosion that destroyed a KFC in North Carolina.

At 12:33 Thursday morning, everything was fine. In a flash, the building was gone.

"It was just a huge glare of light and then just debris everywhere," said an unnamed witness.

No one was hurt. A KFC employee told police that he was closing the restaurant when he and others smelled gas.

The manager reportedly tried to turn off the nozzle and called the gas company.

The video was captured by Eden Drug, right behind KFC. It captured the bright light from the explosion and the concussive impact it made.

The brick sides of the building collapsed. A window was thrown about 100 hundred feet and landed in front of a trash bin.

At Eden, a light was knocked down. The windows were blown out at Cricket's Cellular.

Workers at Cricket were cleaning up the glass inside at 1:30 in the morning, as first responders continued to battle the fire that raged on next door.

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