Northwest Texas Children Hospital offers free Teddy Bear Clinic to help educate kids

Northwest Children's Hospital offers free teddy bear clinic to help educate children

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Northwest Texas Children Hospital hosts a free teddy bear clinic every couple of years to give children a sense of comfort and understanding should they ever need to be a patient in a hospital.

“It’s a great way for the community to be able to see what it would be like if their child came to the hospital, but we are doing it in the eyes of a kid. So, the kid is now a parent and they are the parent of a very sweet animal that might have gotten hurt,” said Northwest Texas Hospital Child Life Specialist Becky Imel.

The child brings their stuffed animal to a nurse who takes vital signs and then sends them to a doctor for a diagnosis.

“We will take care of them, we’ll see what is wrong with them, and send them to surgery, get breathing treatments, so they understand all the processes,” explained Northwest Texas Hospital Pediatric Charge Nurse Linda Kinzer. “They can even get medicine, so they understand health care, even when they are little.”

It’s called the Teddy Bear Clinic, but children can bring in their favorite doll or any type of stuffed animal where they come up with something that their stuffed animal has that a doctor needs to take a look at.

4-year-old Josiah Estrada brought in his green snake.

“Its a snake , its a snake...hissssssss!” Estrada said.

6-year-old Mackenzie Sol brought in her favorite stuffed doll, Elisa.

“She’s Elsa and I love her. She is cute and cuddly, I love her and she has a backpack," said Sol.

The children were allowed to ask as many question as they could and stay as long as they wanted to make sure their stuffed animal got the best treatment possible.

“It’s just one of those events that we’re able to give back to the community. Our nursing staff and our ancillary staff, really [put] their hearts in it. This is a favorite event. We are so excited to have all of the kids here," said Imel.

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