Canyon ISD in the design process for new high school, 2 elementary schools

Canyon ISD in the design process for new high school, 2 elementary schools

CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - The Canyon Independent School District’s new schools voted on in the 2018 bond election are now in the design process.

The district still has a ways to go before starting construction on the new high school and two elementary schools.

Canyon ISD’s third high school will be in the Northeast part of the district and is scheduled to open in August 2022.

“The new high school has been under design, is continuing to be designed, and we involved staff from both of our high schools and even students from both of our high schools in this design process with our architect,” said Canyon ISD Superintendent Darryl Flusche.

The elementary schools are the furthest along in the design process and will be similar in structure.

“One in the Canyon area, the southern area of the district, and one in the northern area of the district in Amarillo,” said Flusche. “Land sites are purchased for those and we’ve named named those schools. One is called Spring Canyon Elementary School, the other one is Heritage Hills Elementary School.”

Flusche says the district is near the end of the designs on the elementary schools, which will open in August of 2021.

Flusche says their goal is to be cost efficient and mindful of taxpayer dollars, while still providing students with what they will need in the future.

“With the building of a school, certainly there’s purchase of the land,” said Flusche. “But there’s sewer, and water, and storm drainage, and electricity, and gas, and how all of that comes together to arrive at the school, so that’s all in place when the school opens. So we’re working with city governments, county, and even first responders to make sure that through the construction process everything is where it needs to be.”

The district anticipates groundbreaking for the high school between November and January of this year, and the groundbreaking for the elementary schools may be as early as September or October.

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