Ice cream shops to infrared fitness studios: Three new businesses open doors in Amarillo

Ice cream shops to infrared fitness studios: Three new businesses open doors in Amarillo

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -For this weeks ‘New In Amarillo’ you can expect to see a new 24/7 infrared fitness studio, a place called Glamarillo where you can purchase glitter to decorate and the newest ice cream shop in town.

El Paleton is owned by a family that has a mission to serve the community with the freshest ingredients in their ice cream.

“The unique thing about this location, is that everything that is made, is made here in the house. We have different flavors of waters, ice cream, Popsicle, frescoes con crema and different Mexican snacks.”

The business has been open for only one month -- and already has people standing in line, willing to wait for the authentic desserts.

It’s even gaining traction online, with over 10,000 likes on Facebook.

“So, what makes it different here at El Paleton is that we have massive popsicles called el paleton and we also have massive mango’s and massive watermelons covered in chamoy and chili powder.”

Then in Wolfin Square, a new 24/7 infrared fitness studio called Hotworx will be located next to The Lost Cajun. It uses innovative technology in a infrared sauna with a certified virtual instructor.

The general manager says they are doing construction and should be open by the end of the summer.

On the South side of town, Glamarillo is open for business and ready to help you add a little sparkle to your life.

“Glamarillo is a home-based glitter business here in Amarillo. We started to give Amarillo a wider selection of high quality, polyester and heat-resistant glitter.”

With the glitter from Glamarillo, you can glamour anything from a coffee mug to your own vehicle.

“Glitter isn’t just limited to tumblers, I actually colored my jeep. Thee are all kinds of stuff you can do with glitter.”

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