Good News: Couple overcomes medical diagnosis despite odds

Good News: Couple overcomes medical diagnosis despite odds
An Amarillo woman wrote "Walking in Love" to tell the story about overcoming the odds.

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - As you go through life, usually it doesn’t take long to realize that things don’t always go as planned.

I visited with Mehgan Graves who discovered just that in her own life.

“Oh, a year after our engagement he was having a lot of problems with headaches and just not feeling well,” said Graves. “And he was just too young for that to be happening all the time. So we decided to get him to the doctor as soon as we could. And long story short, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which was very rare for his age.”

Their troubling situation suddenly grew even more desperate.

“Right before we were married, he was diagnosed with a hemolytic anemia,” said Graves. “And literally, this was six days before the wedding. And he was put in the hospital and told that it would take a miracle for him to live through it because his red blood cells were so low.”

In her book “Walking in Love,” Mehgan tells the story of just that - the miracle that restored her husband to health, paved the way for their marriage and now even a family, after the birth of their daughter.

“Low and behold, every day brought a new miracle,” said Graves. “And by that Saturday, we were able to get married. We just moved our wedding to the BSA chapel. After all of that time and everything we went through, I had the idea that people needed to know that God still worked miracles, and he gave us so many miracles.”

I asked Mehgan if she would still feel the same way if it had turned the other way.

“I actually believe that I would,” said Graves. “It would have taken a lot longer to feel this way, but I believe that God brings us through these journeys and even the lowest of the low, in order for us to be stronger in him and have a story to tell."

Through this experience, Mehgan aims to share hope for others facing hardship and even desperate situations.

“No matter what plays out with their story, that God has a plan, and it may not look like it now and it may look like they’re in the worst of circumstances and the worst is happening,” said Graves. “The good news is that God is still there, God is still good and miracles still happen.”

Even in the most serious and overwhelming life circumstances, you can find some good news.

If you would like to read “Walking in Love,” you can purchase the book here.

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