Thousands of bees safely removed from under floorboards in woman’s home

Thousands of bees safely removed from under floorboards in woman’s home

MOORE, Okla. (KFOR/CNN) – Adrienne Gonzales has had a bee problem for some time.

Thousands of bees have been living underneath her floors.

“Throughout the last ten years they’ve seemed to come back with a vengeance,” she said. “In the summer, they are pretty active and I think it’s probably the worst it’s ever been.”

Gonzales said she started noticing the bees on the outside of the house 10 years ago.

She got them removed then but she said they just keep coming back.

“We kind of forget about them in the winter when they’re dormant but in the summer they’re pretty active,” she said.

When she and her family want to head outside, they have to completely avoid one section of the yard.

"We don’t even like to walk around that side of the yard,” she said. “My daughter gets stung every time she cuts the grass. The grass is not even cut on that side because of how bad they are."

One of the main battles Gonzales is fighting is the cost of having the bees removed. The last out-of-reach quote was $1,500.

“A lot of the home repairs, we try to handle ourselves and this is just not one that we can,” she said. “We have a pool so even just hanging out by the pool, they come swarming around there sometimes.”

Dr. Yoon Kim, a master bee keeper said he’s seen a resurgence of bees in recent years.

Kim said the bees are more of an inconvenience than a danger and with bees disappearing at an alarming rate, no one wants to harm them.

"I’m trying to rescue the bees, because they are almost going extinct," he said.

He stressed the importance of calling someone who can safely remove the bees without killing them.

"They don’t really act up like in other states so they are not really defensive or aggressive unless you do something to them,” he said.

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