Alligator found in Lubbock Neighborhood waiting to go to Texas Sanctuary

Alligator found in Lubbock Neighborhood waiting to go to Texas Sanctuary

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock Animal Services (LAS) get many calls a day to come and pick up stray animals, but on Sunday night, they received an unusual call. There was an alligator in the front yard of a Lubbock home. The employees gave her the name of “Ally.”

Steven Greene, the Director of LAS, said Ally was picked up off the side of the road in Houston by a Lubbock truck driver. He brought Ally back to Lubbock where she was living in his garage for a few months. On Sunday, Greene said the owner put the alligator in the front yard to let her sunbathe. Neighbors spotted the critter and called LAS.

Green said this type of call is unusual. “It’s one of those you hear, you don’t really believe it. When he got there. He spoke to the gentleman and there was, in fact, the alligator on premises.”

Ally is on a list of banned animals that cannot be kept as pets in Lubbock, something the previous owner didn’t know. “Most of them are endangered or they’re a public safety issue. Some of the examples would be bears, raccoons, large predator cats-- such as lions and tigers-- and reptiles fall into that. There’s some reptiles that are banned as far as a venomous snakes, crocodiles, alligators, Caymans, and it’s just to keep the public safe,” said Greene.

If a resident has one of these banned pets, they could face repercussions. “Definitely, you could face fines and citations. And if anything happened, liability-wise, you would be held accountable for that,” said Greene.

Greene shared some advice: “No one needs to fear these animals, but you need to be cautious and you need to leave them in the wild where they belong.”

Greene said the man who had Ally before is not facing any tickets or fines from having the alligator since he turned her over to LAS. She’s being kept at the shelter until she is given to the Crocodile Encounter Animal Sanctuary, which is based out of Brazoria County. That company will be in Lubbock this coming week for Critter Fest.

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