Downtown baseball brings more revenue to parking garage

More visitors to Hodgetown are positively impacting the use of the downtown parking garage

Downtown baseball brings more revenue to parking garage

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The cash flow to the downtown parking garage is exceeding the city of Amarillo's expectations early in the fiscal year.

“We have $126,000 in parking garage revenue from the beginning of the year,” said Deputy City Manager Michelle Bonner.

The Amarillo Local Government Corporation discussed special events revenue directly associated with baseball games at the MPEV.

There was a spike in revenue in both April and May.

“We’ve recorded revenue for April of $15,120 related to the times of the ball games and then other revenue for the month of April right at $12,000,” said Bonner.

The city’s Director of Facilities and Capital Projects Jerry Danforth said he believes downtown visitors are starting to get used to the convenience of the garage.

“The event parking when we do have a baseball game or something like that, it’s awfully convenient to just walk across the street and you’re in a cool car that’s been sitting protected from the sun all day,” said Danforth.

The city is putting up new signs to help with traffic flow in and out of the garage.

On event days, visitors who might be unfamiliar with how the automated system works, can check the signs for help.

“We’re doing a lot more signage to kind of help people understand how the automation works if they’re confused,” said Danforth. “It’s not a common thing for Amarillo to have something like that. We’re used to big open lots.”

One of those signs includes a number to call for on-site assistance.

“Our response times are running two and a half minutes or the longest it’s been before we had somebody there was five minutes. Which really, in comparison to larger cities, that’s pretty phenomenal for fully-automated garage,” said Danforth.

Danforth said he’s anticipating revenue and visitation to go up even more during Fourth of July events.

“The fee is still seven dollars for the day. So if you get there early, you can grab some of those great spots on the top deck in the parking garage to watch the fireworks,” he said. “If you’re coming for the ball game later on in the day, we’re actually setting it up as a event parking so you’ll have the ability to come in there and and pay the seven dollar flat fee. And then an hour after the game, the gates go down and the garage becomes fully automated once again.”

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