High Plains Showdown brings bodybuilding to Amarillo

High Plains Showdown brings bodybuilding to Amarillo

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - For the first time, Amarillo is planning to host a body building competition presented by Gold’s Gym and Freekfizzeeks.

“We always wanted to do a show here it was just never possible for some reason. I had to travel to Dallas and I’ve traveled all over the country and internationally as well to compete," said Lance Johnson. "It’s a little bit of a disadvantage, it’s expensive and it takes a lot of time away from work. So we always wanted to do a show and promote one in Amarillo and I think it’s about time.”

The High Plains Showdown will give local athletes the chance to compete against the best and gain some exposure of their own.

“I believe it’s really important because there are a lot of athletes who can’t afford to travel but have the physique to compete. So now they get to show it and they have no excuses anymore so it’s going to be a big opportunity for them to expose themselves.” said Carlos Porras.

This will be Naomi English’s first competition and she’s taking the challenge head on

“I wanted to challenge myself and do something to get out of my box. I’m a mom and I go to work every day so this has been really good challenge for me. It’s an opportunity to get some confidence and that kind of thing," said English.

It’s been a team effort from local gyms to ensure this competition will be the first of many in Bomb City.

“We’ve partnered up with Crunch and Zach’s. So we all partnered up to do this together because we felt the more core gyms involved the more competitors we can get,” said Karie Mueller, co-owner of Gold’s Gym. “I really like the gym at Crunch and the owners at Zach’s, we make a good promoting team.”

Amarillo's first body building competition will be all about the athletes on stage and the hard work they've dedicated to the sport.

“I’ve tried to pick up on the best things regarding a competition for body building and that what we’re incorporating and bringing together here in Amarillo,” said Johnson. “It’s sort of the way we used to do it in the 80′s and what I started off with when I competed in the 80′s and 90′s. It was a lot more competitor friendly.”

If you’ve never been to a body building competition, now’s your chance--The High Plains Showdown is set for Saturday, June 22 at the Globe News Center.

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