Amarillo College offering free safety classes

Almost 700 people have attended the classes so far this year

Amarillo College offering free safety classes

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - If you’re in the Amarillo area and interested in learning more about your safety at work and in your personal life, Amarillo College is hosting safety classes this summer, free of charge.

“The main thing is this isn’t just designed for the construction industry, or the truck driving. This is designed for the population in general,” said Jeff Wallick, of Amarillo College. “We give them training that a lot of companies need and we can’t afford. That makes the employees safer and reduces the future workman’s comp for the area. It also just brings awareness to the general safety issues that Amarillo has.”

One of the classes offered is an OSHA class, which follows guidelines given by the Occupational Safety and Health administration.

“Traditionally, we see employees follow the safety rules at their work places, but then when we go home, we seem to throw those safety rules out the window,” said Charlie Sanchez, a construction health and safety technician who teaches the OSHA classes. “We think that we can’t get hurt, when we actually can. We do build a curriculum where we use the same rules at work as we do at home.”

Another class focuses on work-place self defense for women.

“We have a lot of mother-daughter combinations that attend, a lot of real estate agents, females that work on their own a lot,” said Raul Dominguez, Coordinator of Intervention Programs at Amarillo College. “They attend this class for basic self-defense techniques and also for awareness about how not to become a victim of the workplace violence.”

A mental-health first aid course hopes to break down the barriers of mental health.

“We give the participants a chance to become more educated about mental health,” said Kristen Barrick, an instructor for the Mental Health First Aid class. “Not only to understand or notice what’s going on but then also have some confidence about what they can do. Reaching out and talking to that person, and asking if they’re okay. If that person is willing to talk, we also provide resources.”

While some of the summer classes are already filled up, you can visit AC’s website to see what options are still available.

If the class you’d like to attend is full, Amarillo College will be posting a fall schedule of classes in the beginning of July.

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