Bron Bohlar sentenced for role in murder of Sodus, N.Y. couple

Bron Bohlar sentenced for role in murder of Sodus, N.Y. couple

SODUS, N.Y. (KFDA/WROC) - A former Sunray police officer will spend up to three years in prison for his role in the slaying of a Sodus, N.Y. couple along with former Sunray Police Chief Timothy Dean.

According to Rochester CBS affiliate WROC, Bron Bohlar was sentenced to one to three years in prison Thursday after making a plea agreement with prosecutors in exchange for a guilty plea.

According to prosecutors, Bohlar helped Dean rent a car that Dean then used to drive from Texas to Sodus, N.Y., where Dean murdered Joshua Niles and Amber Watson.

Prosecutors also said the crime was motivated by a child custody dispute between Charlene Childers, Dean’s wife, and Niles.

Bohlar made his plea agreement before former police chief’s trial, where Dean was found guilty.

Assistant District Attorney Christine Callahan said the opportunity to confront Bohlar on behalf of the victims’ families was a service she was proud to provide.

“It’s a very difficult procedure for them, and the process that they are going through,” she said. “So being able to speak on their behalf is something I was proud to do and to give their words to him to let him know the impact he really had on these families is important.”

Jude Daniel Barrett, who presided over the sentencing, said he wished he could go back and refuse the plea deal.

The judge shared harsh words with Bohlar on the consequences of his conviction during court.

""I hope every day, for the rest of your sentence, the rest of your life, that you wake up and feel the pain, anguish and grief the anger of the families," he said.

Charlene Childers is scheduled to be sentenced for manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon at the end of June, while Dean’s murder conviction will be sentenced in July.

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