The NFC Team: From Childhood to the Pros

The NFC Team: From Childhood to the Pros

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Nick’s Fight Club team is training for their next big professional fight on June 29, after huge success in January’s debut.

Dylan Nicholson, Rudy Montenegro, Mobley Villegas, John King, and Abel Navarette Jr. round out the list of Amarillo natives that fought and won at Azteca Music Hall a few months ago.

The NFC Team: From Childhood to the Pros

“We all grew up with each other fighting, so to see all of each other coming out with victories, all knocking our guys out, that was really special,” said Nicholson, whose family owns Nick’s Fight Club.

Five Amarillo guys, five knockouts. They say only one thing is different going into round two.

“More motivation honestly," expressed Villegas. "Just keep staying ready, keep fighting hard, just bringing good boxing to Amarillo. Just working on my dream.”

While boxing is a individual sport, training together gives them an advantage- and they’ve been doing it for years.

“The sparring is a whole different workout, that’s when you actually get to put in your practice,” explained Villegas. “All the hard work you put when you work the mitts, hit the bags, running-all of that comes into place when you start sparring.”

It’s a rarity in a small town that they don’t take it for granted.

“Having a bunch of other boxers in here and having solid sparring like this, I mean its hard to find,” said headliner Abel Navarette Jr. “A lot of people in different cities, small cities, don’t have that.”

Each fighter is also in a different weight class, which forces all of them to be sharp with their skills to make up for the difference in size.

“It’s a lot harder than somebody your size,” explained Navarette. “Your distance and all that, it’s a different ballgame. So it helps you, it sharpens you a lot more than someone your own weight, your own size.”

Nicholson agrees.

“Every time we spar it’s usually a different person, so we have a different look, we never really get comfortable.”

With the fight less than three weeks away, they’ll all be there to put on a show and support each other.

“It’s everything, it’s awesome. Because we all work here, we all could be doing something else, you know? But we’re all here to work. That shows everything, our level of dedication to the sport and to each other as a team," said Navarette.

The event is being put on by Golden Eagle Promotions and will take place on June 29 at Azteca Music Hall, with seven professional fights slated to go on.

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