News on movies, smoothies and Chuy’s

The list of what to look forward to in Amarillo has just increased.

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The list of what to look forward to in Amarillo just increased to include an outdoor movie night while you swim, another tropical smoothie location and a finalized location for Chuy’s.

The Tex-Mex chain, Chuy’s, will be coming to Amarillo and taking over where Johnny Corrino’s used to be off I-40.

NewsChannel10 received the building permit for Chuy’s, which will cost $1.8 million and be 7,259 square feet. The restaurant will be located on 8400 W. Interstate 40 in between Fuddrucker’s and Logan’s Roadhouse.

There will be another Tropical Smoothie location coming to Wolfin Square in August.

“We pride ourselves in being the healthy choice and healthy provider for the community," said Tropical Smoothie Regional Director Jeff Bolling. "There’s such a broad awareness of trying to eat healthy these days and I think that is one of the key things we bring to Amarillo.”

Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s menu includes smoothies, sandwiches, flat-breads, wraps, bowls and breakfast items.

As the sun goes down, you might consider heading to the pool at Verdure, where they just started a movie night outside where you can swim, eat and watch a movie on a big, blow up screen.

“We are super excited to be putting on summer events for the public with a lower than usual fee," said Verdure Employee Amanda Black. "We just want people to come in and see what the pool is about , how much fun it can be and how family friendly we are.”

The movies will be every other Friday night, starting at 9 p.m. and will be free to members and $15 for the public. You do not need to be with a member to attend.

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