Xcel Energy continues to prepare for high-demand summer days

Xcel Energy continues to prepare for high-demand summer days
(Source: Xcel Energy)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Xcel Energy is upgrading a key electrical substation in southwest Amarillo, just ahead of the high-demand of electricity for summer days.

The Hillside Substation, built in in 2012, is located on Hillside Road, west of Soncy Street and Loop 335. Xcel built the substation to ease the strain on nearby substations that feed power to a large area in Amarillo.

However, the high pace of growth in the area has caused Xcel to add another transformer that will allow new distribution feeders that will prevent overloaded lines from the summer heat. That new Hillside transformer costs about $5.2 million.

“We’re seeing growth all across the city, but nowhere has it grown faster than in southwest Amarillo,” said David Hudson, president of Xcel in Texas. “When substations and lines reach capacity, we tend to see more reliability issues.”

Xcel also plans to add two new substations for southwest Amarillo in 2020.

Xcel upgrades to Amarillo include increasing voltage, enlarging substation capacity and creating more pathways for electricity to flow.

Last summer, Xcel added a substation, called the Outpost, that sits on Bushland Road, and earlier this year, the electric company expanded on a substation off of Soncy .

More completed projects include upgrading voltage distribution in the San Jacinto neighborhood, and to the area in north and east Amarillo.

Hudson said Xcel has been making upgrades all across Amarillo for the past six years.

Xcel said the substations transform electricity to lower voltages and send it along distribution lines that are located in the streets and alley ways.

Hudson said this is part of adding jobs, enhancing economic growth and building a better quality for it’s customers.

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