WTAMU veterinary program goes beyond the classroom

WTAMU Veterinary program goes beyond the classroom.
WTAMU Veterinary program goes beyond the classroom.
Updated: Jun. 7, 2019 at 6:28 PM CDT
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CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - West Texas A&M’s veterinary program students have the opportunity to intern and work at Timber Creek large animal hospital where they receive a hands-on experience to prepare them for veterinary school.

“Working at Timber Creek has just extended that whole educational process that WT has mastered and done with the agricultural program,” said WTAMU Senior Sydney Hickerson.

Timber Creek is known for its equine cloning. Instead of reading about the process in textbooks, some students helped deliver and worked with the clones.

“Coming here, I actually got to see first hand live babies, even copies right next to each other of the clones," said WTAMU Alumni and Aggie Elisa Bentsen. "And seeing is believing. No matter how much you explain it or what everybody reads about you are not really going to fully understand it until you see it or are exposed to it.”

The students feel that they can share their experiences and help educate others on horse cloning.

“I really think that just because I’ve been here for a while now and I have been around these animals and I am able to educate others on it and really show them how special it is and how much it can benefit the industry as far as genetics, and reproduction, and just to benefit the animals in general,” said Hickerson.

Throughout this journey, some students found their passion in the Panhandle and plan to return as a veterinarian after graduating from veterinary school.

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