Amarillo brings back old west with Cowboy Fast Draw competition

2019 Cowboy Fast Draw competition

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo is going back in time and hosting the 2019 Southern Territorial and U.S. Nationals Cowboy Fast Draw competition this weekend.

The competition showcases real guns of the old with men, women and children competing head on to see who is the fastest.

In Cowboy Fast Draw you can find out how you would have shot in the 1800′s with gunfighter period guns and rigs. Over 120 shooters are competing for U.S. Nationals and the sport is open to everyone who enjoys friendly competition based on the romance and legend of the Old West.

“What were doing here is we have two guys who are paired up against each other, in the old west fashion, to see who is the fastest,” explains President of Texas Panhandle Pistoleros Jerome Price. “The light will come on in the center of the target that’s your cue to draw, cock, fire and try to hit the target. The one that hits it three times the fastest is the winner. The loser gets an X and once you get 4 X’s you are out of the competition.”

The sport of Cowboy Fast Draw has a motto that is safety first, fun second, competition third. One of their primary goals is to educate as many people as possible about gun safety.

“It’s very important that we keep our guns as safe as possible. Locked down in your holster, even at a cleaning table when we have to clean our weapons, we make sure that they are not pointed towards us or towards anyone else,” explains Cowboy Fast Draw Competitor Kassi Bevill.

This event takes place at the Rex Baxter Exhibit building on the Tri-State Fairgrounds where not only adults compete, but kids do too.

“I have my three children here, two of my daughters, they are eight and nine, they both compete," says Cowboy Fast Draw Competitor Hunter Bevill. "My son, we are grooming him, he’s still a little young, but he’s getting there. It’s just a fun, family time, its something that you can into that’s relatively cheap and you be around one big happy family.”

The Cowboy Fast Draw continues through the weekend with Sunday being the Championship from noon until 2 p.m.

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