1 arrested after DEA, Amarillo police find $671,000 worth of meth on Greyhound bus

1 arrested after DEA, Amarillo police find $671,000 worth of meth on Greyhound bus

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - One person was arrested after DEA and Amarillo officials found $671,000 worth of meth in a suitcase on a Greyhound bus.

On Sunday, June 2 a drug detecting canine conducted an air sniff of the luggage left on a Greyhound bus in Amarillo.

The canine alerted Amarillo officials to a gray-colored suitcase located in the storage compartment below the bust that was emitting the odor of narcotics.

Attached to the bag was a tag, identifying the owner as Angel Rojas-Aguilar.

Amarillo officials searched the gray suitcase and found 12 bundles of a crystal-like substance, believed to be methamphetamine.

DEA agents responded to the Greyhound maintenance barn to help with the investigation.

Officials found and detained Rojas-Aguilar as he was attempted to re-board the bus.

Officials said Rojas-Aguilar initially denied having any luggage and said he was taking the suitcase to Oklahoma for a friend to give to a friend’s uncle.

Rojas-Aguilar went on to say that he didn’t pack the suitcase and his friend said not to look inside the suitcase, but eventually admitted that the drugs inside were his.

One of the bundles was field tested and came out positive for the presence of methamphetamine.

The 12 bundles together weighed 14.8 pounds, worth around $671,000.

Officials said this amount is consistent with distribution as opposed to someone’s personal use.

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