Amarillo City Transit looking to cut some services

Amarillo City Transit looking to cut some services

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo City Transit is looking to save by discontinuing trips that begin, or end outside of the American Disabilities Act required service area.

“The Americans with Disabilities Act only requires that we operate within three quarters of a mile of every fixed route and at three quarters of a mile and the end of a fixed route," said Marita Wellage-Reiley, the transit director for the City of Amarillo.

Currently, city transit offers services outside of the area and says discontinuing those extra services will save money. The city says the saving could provide evening services or two new routes and it plans to charge a higher fare for trips outside of the service area.

“Now we go all the way down to the city boundaries, in the north, and the south, and on the east are boundaries [to] Lakeside, and on the west, it is 335 or Soncy. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that we will stop operating trips there or even change anything. It is just that we are requesting this and that it is up to city council,” said Wellage-Reiley.

However, 20 percent of disabled people using the services do not live or travel within the ADA required service area. Amarillo City Transit Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Plan can grandfather in those individuals who live or travel to locations outside the ADA service area for a specified period of time.

“As a person who is charged with looking out for people with disabilities in our city, obviously I’m concerned if I hear about services that are going to be taken away or going to be more expensive in the future," said Bruce Moseley, the vice chair of the advisory committee for people with disabilities. "And so, we will want to see what this looks like for the potential 20 percent of the riders for spec-trans who would be affected by this change.”

The city wants to hear your questions and concerns before the city council votes.

For a list of public meeting times, click here.

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