Roaches, rodents could invade Texas Panhandle homes during monsoon season

Experts say it’s prime time for pest control
Updated: Jun. 5, 2019 at 7:18 AM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - After recent flooding, many in the Texas Panhandle have seen an increase in pests and rodents in their homes.

Area pest control specialists claim pest problems become severe during and after flood water has retreated.

After recent rain in the area, pest control companies have been flooded with calls for services.

“We are experiencing two times the usual number of cockroach calls," said the Owner and President of Ladybug Services Brad Turner. “Our typical roach around here is called the oriental cockroach. Most people around here refer to it as waterbugs and, yes, they do love water but they don’t love the floods. They are happy to live outside in drains, the sewer and the cracks of porches but all those places are flooding and now they’re looking for higher ground. The easiest way for them to get out of the flood water, is in your home.”

Just like humans flee their homes during flooding, pests and rodents seek refuge for higher and drier ground too.

Snakes, fire ants and rats typically make their way into homes; however, pests such as cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes could be your biggest issue.

“Most insects are not capable of living under water and that is what’s driving them inside as soon as it floods,” said Turner. “Sometimes they’ll even go up underneath the slab of a home and even come up around the plumbing pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms.”

If you haven’t experienced excess pests, Turner advises residents to begin pest control services soon because monsoon season is in less than two weeks.

Until then, here are some post-flood pest control tips to help you prevent any unwanted guests from entering your home:

  • Dehumidify your home because pests are attracted to humid areas.
  • Cover any openings, seal cracks, holes and gaps.
  • Garages are the easiest area for rodents and pests to sneak in so be sure to look out as you walk into your home through your garage.
  • Rid your property and home of any standing water to avoid attracting mosquitoes. Something as small as a coke can is enough space for mosquitoes to breed in.
  • Clean out rain gutters, hole water, and keep circulation pumps in your ponds.
  • Keep your home clean and sanitized to avoid any other reasons for pests to be attracted to your home.

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