Good News with Doppler Dave: Area cafe keeping spirit of Route 66 alive

Good News with Doppler Dave: Area cafe keeping spirit of Route 66 alive

ADRIAN, Texas (KFDA) - You know, it’s really pretty easy to find interesting and good things to focus on in our area. We have a lot of little treasures tucked away. Historic Route 66, known as the main street of America, stretched from Chicago to Los Angeles but the halfway mark along the mother road was right here in our area and is the theme of the MidPoint Cafe in Adrian.

I’m told the gift shop area used to be the original dining hall that dates way back in the 20′s. A portion of the restaurant was added in the 50′s. When it was discovered that the restaurant was the mid-point of Route 66, it became known as MidPoint Cafe.

Attracting visitors from all over the nation and all over the world, the Cafe seems to keep the spirit of Route 66 alive.

“I love this place, I love people and I love to talk,” said Brenda Bradley, co-owner and cook at MidPoint Cafe.

“The atmosphere here is wonderful because people here are on vacation, we get so many people coming from overseas. Last year we had 84 different countries and they are just on vacation, and they are having a blast. So they come in here and they are so much fun,” said Carrie O’Leary, co-owner of MidPoint Cafe.

Not only are the people and the atmosphere a part of what makes this place so special, you can’t forget about their pies.

“My Mom sold 1,050 pies, we sold them piece by piece in six and a half months. She has estimated 1,500 this year,” said Brenda Bradley.

I have to admit, it was really one of the main reasons I took the trip to MidPoint Cafe.

“This is our Elvis pie, it has peanut butter and bananas and chocolate all together,” explained Sandi Adams, local pie extraordinaire and baker.

I asked her for some insight into some of the pies.

“Well, this our lemon pie, which was my mother’s recipe and it has a graham cracker crust. That’s the way my mother always made it, the girls wanted me to stay the same. And the Coconut, everybody likes the Coconut,” said Sandi.

As for Sandi, her favorite pies are the coconut and lemon pies.

Attention to nostalgia and a plateful of homemade heaven. There is nothing but good news on this plate!

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