A new era begins at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium

A new era begins at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium

CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - Football season will be here before we know it, and this year will be a new era for Kimbrough Memorial Stadium. With WT all moved out and playing in the brand new Buffalo Stadium this fall, the facility is now exclusively owned by Canyon Independent School District.

A new era at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium

This summer, CISD is making updates to enhance the experience for both the players and the fans. CISD Superintendent Darryl Flusche said the district was thrilled to finally have sole ownership of the stadium.

“Our community said, ‘Hey, let’s improve. This is an icon of the Panhandle, let’s improve this facility, let’s bring it to modern day,’" expressed Flusche.

The stadium is one of nine facilities selected to undergo improvements in Canyon’s $196.7 million bond, that also includes the addition of a third high school. CISD Athletic Director Toby Tucker stressed the importance of keeping Kimbrough in the best shape, with an entire new school also using it in the near future.

“Whether it’s football, soccer, our fine arts programs; they have a home that is second to none in the Texas Panhandle, and we are so excited about that," said Tucker. "It’s just another great reason to be in Canyon ISD.”

One project is already underway: new 75 lumen LED stadium lighting, to replace 50-year-old light poles. The old lighting system only projected 15 lumens.

“It’s done so we improve the light that’s happening on the field," explained Flusche. "Because it was kind of a dark place to play, in relation to other stadiums.”

Next on the list of improvements for this upcoming season-the scoreboard.

“With the need to renovate the south end zone, that scoreboard will come down. We decided to purchase a new scoreboard, it’ll be a new video board it’ll be in the north end zone,” said Flusche.

The south end zone project will be saved for the 2020 season, and will make a huge impact to the layout, functionality, and appearance of the stadium.

“In the future the south hill will actually come down to a mid-grade level, so we can put four new dressing rooms, concessions, and restrooms on the south hill," explained Flusche.

The stadium will include six lockers rooms total-one for each of the three CISD high schools, as well as a one for their visiting opponent. This will also make playoff time easier, as back-to-back games will not have to compete for locker room space.

A first look at the new scoreboard shows a more modern, video-centric structure, that will be going up at some point this summer.

The stadium is quiet now, but come this fall, it will be back to how we know it: a hub for high school football in the Texas Panhandle- but this time, better.

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