Locals provide disaster relief to migrants in Del Rio, Texas

Locals provide disaster relief to migrants in Del Rio, Texas

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Volunteers from Amarillo are in Del Rio, Texas this week, helping immigrants through a disaster relief organization.

Mickey and Teresa McCurdy are working with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention church group at a processing center, operating a shower and laundry unit for migrants to use.

The group was called to help due to the recent influx of people crossing the border.

The Amarillo Couple said the processing center is in good condition.

“The the processing center here is very respectful to those immigrants that come through here,” said Mickey. “You know, they’re very efficient, about what they do here, so they they process them through very quickly. Conditions are good. They have sleeping quarters, that are available. Those that don’t get a ride out by the by the afternoon, they spend the night, and have sleeping quarters for them here. And then we have restroom facilities, showers facilities for them so, it’s good.”

The group arrived in Del Rio on Monday.

The McCurdy’s said they don’t have a lot of insight to the operations, just that they are assisting migrants as they pass through.

“We do know that they are illegal immigrants that are here,” said Mickey. “They’ve been processed through Customs and Border Patrol. They’re being brought here and then, they’re very short term here. Most of them come in and most of them go back out the same day, two buses towards San Antonio areas where I’m thinking is their main place that are busing them too.”

They said if the tables were turned, they hope others would treat us the same way.

“It’s just a matter of time before we all go through some type of disaster in our life,” said Mickey. "We all need somebody in there to kind of show us up and to, you know, give us a helping hand. And so that’s exactly what we’re doing is we are down here, offering a helping hand.

Mickey believes some have misconceptions about what goes on at the southern border.

“As we traveled down here, people asked ‘why were you going to Del Rio, there’s no disaster there,' but there is" he said. “If you look at the family situation, so those coming in here in their economics that they had, they have no money, they’ve got the clothes on their back. So they’re being processed into a country where they don’t speak our language so they’re having a hard time to communicate and they’ve got to make a life here. We’re just glad we could show the love of Christ down here through doing this.”

The disaster relief group is working in support of the Salvation Army’s feeding operation.

The McCurdy’s will be in Del Rio the rest of the week.

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