Veteran healing awareness event ‘Run For The Wall’ rides through Amarillo

The annual 'Run for the Wall' roared across Amarillo today as hundreds of motorcyclists head to Wash

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Today over 400 motorcyclists stopped in Amarillo during their 31st annual cross-country ‘Run for the Wall’ event.

“Run For The Wall is a veterans healing, POW/MIA awareness run. It’s got meaning and emotionally it makes a big difference,"says ‘Run For The Wall’ rider Robert Graham. “There are a lot of people that it’s made a big difference in their lives.”

Riders go through eight states and cover 3,000 miles in ten days, with thousands of motorcyclists bringing awareness to people around the U.S.

“We cover three routes: Central, Midway and the Southern Route, which goes through southern Texas," explains ‘Run For The Wall’ POW/MIA Coordinator, Tim Hastings.

During their midway stop, community members offered a welcome meal for the motorcyclists at the Christian Heritage Community Outreach Center.

“We love our veterans and we have veterans that go to our church. We want to support them, support our community, and support all the ones that have served," says Christian Heritage Community Outreach Center member Joel Leimer. “We just want to make sure they are welcome and taken care of.”

It has evolved into an experience for those who returned from the Vietnam War without the hero’s welcome they deserved.

“It makes a big difference how people appreciate the veterans. It makes everybody feel appreciated. That we didn’t go over and do something to just to be thrown away. That America does support us and believe us," says Graham.

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