Nearly $5 million road improvement project coming to Northwest Amarillo

Project funded by voter approved Proposition 1 bond

Nearly $5 million road improvement project coming to Northwest Amarillo

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A near $5 million project to repair a large area of streets in Northwest Amarillo is set to begin this summer.

Over 1.6 million yards of roadway will be redone in this area as part of the City of Amarillo’s Community Investment Program.

Earlier this week, Amarillo's City Council approved a construction contract for this voter approved proposition 1 funded project.

This project is being done in conjunction with our own street department who is also going to be working in the Northwest quadrant," said Tanner Devenney, City Engineer for the City of Amarillo. “This project is going to cover everything north of I-40 and west of central city.”

More specifically, North of I-40 between Georgia and Bell, along with an area surrounding Boys Ranch Road will be affected.

“The scope and size of this particular project is bigger than normal. It’s also part of a multi-year program,” said Jackson Zaharia, Assistant City Engineer for the City of Amarillo. “We did a similar size project last year, we intend to do a similar size project next year and the year after.”

Before this street rehabilitation project begins this summer, the city is asking residents to check trees on their property for any branches that may be hanging over.

“City ordinance states that those trees need to be cut back at 14 and a half feet high,” said Devenney. “That’s so our operations and trucks can get in and out of those streets and properly maintain these roads.”

When the project kicks off, residents will be asked to keep their cars off any roadways when that specific road is being worked on.

“The contractor doesn’t want to skip any spots and leave it open,” said Devenney. “He will actually move any cars that’s in the way at no cost to the resident. Those cars will not be impounded.”

While this street maintenance will cover a lot of roads, home owners should not expect to be impacted for too long.

“A resident will only see the contractor in front of their house for no more than about 30 minutes," said Devenney. "Usually these streets are just shut down temporarily for these guys to get in and get out.”

City employees say they will soon announce when a public meeting regarding this project will take place.

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