Female engineering students from WTAMU break barriers

Female engineering students from WTAMU break barriers.

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - In an industry where females make up 18 to 20 percent of the field, four West Texas A&M Mechanical Engineering students are breaking barriers.

Despite the great strides made towards gender equality over the last century, there are still a number of arenas where women are underrepresented in the workforce.

Although engineering is one of those industries, four female students at WT are trying to change that trend.

“My senior design project is something that I’m going to talk about for the rest of my life just because it was a life lesson,” says WT mechanical engineering student Yesenia Padron.

The students spent over 300 hours designing and creating a real world engineering project for a local company where they took first place for their design.

“My group and I, we did a breaking system for Amarillo Gear Company for one of their gear boxes,” explains WT Mechanical Engineering student Molly Moore.

The first design for their brake system did not work, but through trial and tribulation the outcome was successful.

“It’s okay to fail. Failing just makes you learn that there is another way to design what you were trying to do. It’s just another way to succeed," says Padron.

Amarillo Gear Company says it is excited for what the future holds for the WT engineering students.

“The talent we are getting out of WT currently is a pretty significant percentage of our staff in the engineering department. Anything they have done for us or are going to do for us we are very excited to partner with them," explains Amarillo Gear Company Vice President of Opeartions Puneet Cheema

“We just enjoy partnering with them and working with them whenever we can so that we can pour into those students and we also get a benefit from it as well,” says Amarillo Gear Company President Craig Burriss.

The team members Alexis Avitia, Jacqueline Hernandez, Molly Moore and Yesenia Padron will graduate tomorrow with their Mechanical Engineering degree and all plan on making a difference in the world.

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