The heart behind the badge: Potter County Constable Georgia Estrada changing lives

The heart behind the badge: Potter County Constable Georgia Estrada changing lives

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Potter County Constable Georgia Estrada spends her days as a constable, but spends her evenings fulfilling a vision to shape the future of youth in Amarillo.

Potter County Precinct 2 residents elected Constable Georgia Estrada to her first term in 2016.

It was during that same year Estrada was inspired by Los Barrios of Amarillo to fund a scholarship for those who she serves.

“A light turned on and I said, something has to happen here. It never left me,” said Constable Estrada. “What I did in 2017, was award my first scholarship and that was to a Caprock senior by the name of Gerardo Guzman.”

After reading through hundreds of essays over the last two years, Cer Sung was awarded in 2018 and Javian Allen is this year’s recipient.

Sung is an all A-student at Amarillo College.

Allen will be headed to West Texas A&M this fall.

As first generation college students, both said this opened doors for them they didn’t believe existed.

“Receiving this scholarship is motivation for me to go onward, go forward, because as a child of a farmer, my parents didn’t get higher education,” said Sung. “I’m trying to change my family tree with this scholarship.”

“They shouldn’t give up on something like this. There’s still hope. Always have hope. Just keep going forward,” said Allen.

Always hoping to lead by example, Estrada said the vision to change lives is a team effort.

“We can do this, we can get our kids to that level, we can get the first gens to go to college, we can help,” said Constable Estrada. “It takes more than just me, because I’m just the constable and I know that without my community and without the ones I have supporting me and supporting the vision, this can’t happen, it won’t happen. With them, it does happen.”

“She goes above and beyond. It’s not just a scholarship, it’s a mentorship for the students,” said Sandra Gonzalez who serves as the College Career Military Readiness Coordinator at Palo Duro High School. She helps connect Estrada with students for this scholarship.

The scholarship ranges from $1,000 to $1,500.

While it may not be a lot to some, it’s built on the back of someone who worked hard to raise each penny, even if it meant bringing her daughter as she worked night shifts.

“We were cleaning offices, mopping floors, sweeping up trash, taking trash out. She was right there with me,” said Constable Estrada. “She knows and she understands that mama is doing this. We also believe that what we sew, we shall reap.”

“You’re telling me you’re working a part time job to give the money out, to give the money away? She’s like yes, I give away a scholarship. That just blew me away,” said Debra Lee, co-owner of LDT Janitorial Services, who hired Estrada to work these part time jobs and now donates to Estrada’s scholarship.

As a student at West Texas A&M herself, Estrada believes she has a unique perspective to give students.

“I just ask one thing from them - not to quit,” said Constable Estrada. “I don’t care if they change their majors. I don’t care if they’re not going to go into the criminal justice field, criminology. Just do not quit because there’s one thing I learned, education cannot be taken from you. I want them to be successful in life and if they can do that, then that’s my reward. Period.”

If you would like to help Constable Estrada grow this scholarship, you can contact her through her Facebook page or donate to an account entitled ‘Constable Georgia Estrada Scholarship,' at Amarillo National Bank.

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