AC: 2 ceremonies mark ‘milestone’ in graduate numbers

AC: 2 ceremonies mark ‘milestone’ in graduate numbers

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - For the first time in Amarillo College’s 90-year history, the college hosted two graduation ceremonies due to the surplus of graduates.

“We hope it’s a trend that continues. The more students we have, the more opportunities there is going to be,” said Joe Wyatt, the assistant director at Amarillo College. “I think that students that come to Amarillo College can come with confidence that success is in their future.”

Amarillo College broke up the graduating class based on academic communities.

450 students graduating from the Health Sciences and Industry Communities were honored during the first commencement ceremony.

The evening ceremony will honor 580 graduates from AC’s Business, Computer Information Systems, Creative Arts, Education, Liberal Arts. Public Service and STEM Communities.

"I think that this is an example of that kind of success that so many are walking across the stage that we have to have two ceremonies to make it convenient and accessible for everybody," said Wyatt.

Wyatt feels two graduation ceremonies mark a historic moment for the growth of AC’s graduates.

“It’s a milestone. It is indicative of the fact that our culture of caring, our no excuses mantra is reaching new heights," he said. “We are graduating more scholars than ever before because of the strategies that we’ve put in place to make sure that happens.”

With hundreds of people watching, Amarillo College hopes its graduates inspire the community.

"We just hope that the younger children that are here or watching live stream see what they can do and they move in that direction that day," said Diane Brice register the director of enrollment services.

The college said they plan to continue to have two graduation ceremonies in the spring and one in the winter.

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