Local collector finds rare Wander Franco baseball card

Local collectors find rare autographed baseball card

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -Randy Rogers and Steve Bybee have been collectors of sports memorabilia since they were kids and just recently they hit the jackpot when it comes to valuable collectibles.

“It’s one of those things you hear about happening and you never thinks it’s going to happen to you,” said Randy Rogers.

Rogers and Bybee were speechless when they pulled a one-of-one 2019 Bowman Chrome Wander Franco autographed card estimated to be worth anywhere from $60 to $100 thousand.

“It was almost like hitting the lottery. It was amazing!” said Bybee. “I've been collecting since I was eight years old and I really never seen anything like it. Randy is on a definite hot streak at the moment.”

Randy's luck didn’t run out after the Franco card. He found another card worth a pretty penny.

“Well we just hit the Saquon Barkley cracked ice out of Contenders. The cracked ice is the variation that most collectors want,” Rogers explained. “It’s probably in the neighborhood of anywhere from two to 2,500 or maybe a little higher as far as the value."

While finding these type of cards are always a thrill, Bybee and Rogers both say the money isn’t why they do it.

“You collect because you love sports and you love collecting. You do hit cards like this every once in a while and when you do of course you cash in on them but they’re not in every box," said Bybee.

“Don’t get into it for the profit’s sake. Get into it for the hobby’s sake because that’s really what it’s about. You’re not going to get these cards in every pack or every box, it’s not going to happen but get into it for the love of the hobby and collecting,” said Rogers.

S & S Memorabilia has been in Amarillo for 17 years and their inventory goes way beyond baseball cards.

“My advice would be if you’re looking for something to get your kids involved in this is a great hobby,” said Bybee. “It is kind of expensive at times but it kept me out of trouble my whole life because I focused on sports and just collecting and didn’t have much time to get in much trouble or anything else because my mind was focused on this.”

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