Amarillo City Transit and Amarillo College partner to offer free rides for AC faculty, students

Amarillo City Transit and Amarillo College partner to offer free rides for AC faculty, students

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Beginning this summer, if you have a current Amarillo College identification card you can hop on an Amarillo City Transit bus and you won’t have to pay the transit fare.

The partnership between the City of Amarillo and Amarillo College is aiming to break any barriers students may have to attend class.

“It will allow any students that don’t have a reliable form of transportation to get around, board buses and be able to focus on getting their degree without worrying about transportation,” said Christopher Quigley, Assistant Director of Amarillo City Transit.

Approved by Amarillo’s City Council this week, Amarillo College is funding the $25,000 program, ensuring the ride for anyone with a current AC ID is free of charge.

The college believes offering a reliable mode of transportation will increase class participation and enrollment.

“A recent study of our students showed that 15% of them actually had no reliable transportation or access to reliable transportation,” said Wes Condray-Wright, Director of Communications and Marketing of Amarillo College.

The ride isn’t just to and from campus, students and faculty can go wherever they need to along the existing city bus routes.

“Part of that culture of caring is making sure that students can get a job and get to work and pay for their education,” said Condray-Wright. “So having access to that transportation not only allows them access to come to class, but to maintain a job and take their kids to childcare facilities. Removing that small, little barrier out of their lives can make a huge difference in them achieving their academic goals."

The year-long program will kick off in August of 2019.

Amarillo City Transit and Amarillo College say if successful, they will consider continuing it for a longer period of time.

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