WT’s Vornkahl pursuing NFL opportunities with Browns, Rams

WT’s Vornkahl pursuing NFL opportunities with Browns, Rams

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - This opportunity is something that everybody hopes for: the NFL. Every football player’s dream. But for one WT offensive lineman, it’s finally within reach.

Travis Vornkahl has been scouted all throughout his senior season.

“The Browns and the Rams said they were going to give me a call, and then that evening I just got a call from them saying we wanted to give you a mini-camp invite,” said Vornkahl.

“I think he saw that this year that every single day you have to bring your intensity, your will to learn, your willingness to be coached, to practice every day and its not just games,” said Coach Hughes, WT’s head football coach.

Now, Vornkahl’s ready for his first tryout on Friday in Cleveland.

"You just make sure you’re in the best shape of your life when you go in. Just make sure you’re ready to go, " said Vornkahl.

And how do you get in NFL mini-camp shape? Strength and conditioning.

“We have to get that mobility going, but on the platform, moving heavy weight, on the rack, moving heavy weight, moving in all 3 planes, practicing strength in football,” said Coach Kozak, the Buffs’ strength and conditioning coach.

But Coach Kozak says Vornkahl makes his job easy.

“Working with Travis is really easy. Tries hard, puts out, never have to push him to do anything. He’s intrinsically motivated,” said Kozak.

Vornkahl’s hardworking qualities are something he attributes to the culture at WT.

“WT gave me a real blue collar work ethic, to be able to go out and get after it every day,” said Vornkahl.

With an example like this in the program, Coach Hughes thinks these opportunities will become the new norm.

“We are going after guys with talent to play at the next level, and as we develop them, hopefully it’ll be more than just Travis going,” said Hughes.

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