WT engineering students bring design projects to life

WT engineering students bring design projects to life

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - West Texas A&M Engineering students use the concepts and technology they’ve learned throughout the year to showcase projects they believe can make a difference in the community.

Over the course of the year, students spend about 300 hours designing and creating a real world engineering project.

“This is a project where they take everything that they have learned for the past 4 to 5 years and they synthesize it together and solve a real problem,” says WT’s Dean of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics Emily Hunt.

Engineering students work with local companies and create solutions for problems those companies actually have.

“For my senior year design project we were paired with Amarillo Gear Company. Our task was to build a break system, design a prototype for particularly their double reduction right angle gear box,” explained WT chemical engineering student Yesenia Padron.

Bell is a big sponsor of the Engineering program, and hopes to build their workforce by recruiting local engineering students.

“Through the Senior Design Projects we’re able to not only get solutions for problems that we have within our business, but we can also invest in others and find innovations for other solutions that need to happen,” says Bell Vice President of Assembly of Operations Shannon Massey.

The Senior Design Projects varied from an agricultural spraying drone to a shot selection probability in the NBA to a brewery organizational database.

“They put everything that they have into these. And it’s what we use to evaluate our programs, to evaluate our graduates to see if they have what it to takes to be sent out to the workforce and be engineers," says Hunt.

The winner for best overall project was the Brake System Design and Prototype for Amarillo Gear with team members Alexis Avitia, Jacqueline Hernandez, Molly Moore and Yesenia Padron.

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