APD reiterates concerns of drunk driving after fatal wreck on Sunday

APD reiterates concerns of drunk driving after fatal wreck on Sunday

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo Police are making a plea to the public after the recent DUI crash that left one high school student dead and another person in critical condition.

APD is working tirelessly trying to prevent people from getting in their cars after they’ve been drinking.

“Last year we arrested over 700 drunk drivers in the city of Amarillo. In one year, over 700," says Amarillo Police Departments Sergeant Carla Burr. "This weekend unfortunately we had that terrible, tragic accident with the three people and there was alcohol involved. We don’t have all the end results of everything involved in it, but we lost a young person in the community due to that and this happens way too often in our community.”

On Sunday April 21, police were dispatched to a crash where a 17-year-old male lost control of a 2017 Corvette on Dumas Highway 287.

The car left the roadway, struck a light pole, then slid along a guard rail. The car then hit the ground on Hastings Avenue and slid up the cement embankment under the north side of the overpass, came back down, and then came to a complete stop.

17-year-old Randall High student Andrea Elizalde died on scene as a result of injuries received in the crash.

A 22-year-old male passenger was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries and the driver of the Corvette received non-life threatening injuries in the wreck.

We spoke with a family member who said Andrea Elizalde was in a very vulnerable position because she wasn’t actually in a seat; she was sitting on the middle console of her Corvette where there was no seat belt.

“People die every day in our country and way too often in our community and so we have got to do something," says Sergeant Burr.

APD made a post on their Facebook that reached over 50,000 people in hopes that it can open people’s eyes, so they can stop drinking and driving and always buckle up.

“It’s terrible that this family is going through this and that this young lady lost her life and all the people involved there lives are permanently altered and not for the better,” says Sergeant Burr.

The grandmother of Elizalde said, “Andrea was loved by so many people and she was the type that had thousands of friends and this has had a huge effect on many people in the community.”

As APD continues the investigation, they hope that this type of case becomes much less frequent and that if you do decide to drink, to plan ahead and have a safe ride.

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